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We made wild things happen — and 44 launched web projects in 2014 is the best proof of it.

1+1 Media are passioned for solving problems and creating new technological solutions for developing media segment.

We are looking for positive and energetic people who are full of ideas and motivated to create stunning web experience. If you beilive in the power of “What if” and can combine strategic ideas with modern tools such as big data, second screen, virtual & augmented reality, synchronized experience — you are on the right way.

Join us to making your ideas happen.

What do we expect from you?


Work with our team

Achieving a great result requires united work of all teams on a full-time basis.


Reach the goals of your project

We give you our resources, help in testing and launching of the project — and you reach the planned goals.


Become a partner in the future

1+1 Media and partners are the members of your project during its testing and after six months after public launch.


A stake in your project

Further participation of Future Media Lab in your project will be negotiated with the teams.

What do we give for your project?


Development plan

Together with teams and experienced mentors we will put forward a strategic plan for the project’s development.



Participants will receive supplementary funding from Future Media Lab partners.


Reliable partner

We want your project to be successful, so we are ready to involve all our resources while working on it.


Technical resources

Future Media Lab participants will have access to technical resources (hosting, servers) of 1+1 Media.


Live audience

To spread the information and test your project you will get the audience covered by 1+1 Media resources.


Additional services

Projects get legal, marketing, and PR support, HR consulting and office space.